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I have been to Sissy’s Log Cabin, a few places in Indianapolis, IN. The service, the attentiveness that you receive here is like nowhere I’ve ever been. They care as to whether or not you’re completely satisfied. (I’m pretty picky.) Go to Faye’s, you won’t be sorry.!
(Jennifer Isom | Choctaw, Arkansas)

Faye’s is fabulous! Just tell them what you want and they do their best to make it happen! To celebrate 25 years of marriage, I found the perfect marquise cut five diamond anniversary ring. Later my sons bought the gold nugget ring guard I selected to enhance the anniversary ring. Then 15 years later on my 40th anniversary–who do you think I went to for the perfect anniversary ring? FAYE’S!! Lori helped me design the “Faye’s Fabulous” perfect ring. We started with an unusual gold swirl shaped wide band crossed by two diamond bands. We sandwiched it with two more diamond bands in contrasting white gold. For the final fab, we added my personal family heirloom diamonds on top of the gold band. We had a great time designing my dream ring and Faye’s jeweler made it happen!

Thanks Faye’s. I think you were nearly as excited to see the finished product as I was. That’s because you are fabulous!
(Christi Bryant | Center Ridge, Arkansas)

I went in today to have batteries put in my son’s watch and while I was waiting one of the girls cleaned my wedding rings free of charge now they look new again. This isn’t my first time there they’ve always been nice, friendly and helpful.
(Joyce Haines | Center Ridge, Arkansas)

My high school sweetheart proposed to me with a marquise cut stone engagement ring in 1991. Later that summer we picked out comfort fit bands for our wedding. We were young and in love. Earlier this year, my home burned. I was in a rush that morning and forgot my ring in windowsill above sing so it was lost in the fire. Faye’s was there for me again when I got a “replacement” ring. I have to say I love it more than I did my origninals. I was wearing one of my necklaces that David gave me from Faye’s so it was safe. Thanks Faye’s! 22 years of married bliss with 2 special rings!
(Stephanie Ward | Clinton, Arkansas)

I’ve enjoyed wearing all the beautiful jewelry John bought for me from Faye’s over the years but the one thing that really stands out for me is how they miraculously put back together my sapphire diamond tennis bracelet that John gave me for a wedding gift. It got swept up in the vacuum sweeper accidentally and was chopped into bits and pieces. But they put it all back together and improved the latch and for that I will be forever grateful!!
(Kitty Gray | Mayflower, Arkansas)

I had a lovely 5 diamond ring that belonged to my mother and I had another diamond ring given to me by my husband who had traded it for an auto way back in the 1940s. I decided I would like to have them put together. Faye and crew put them together into a lovely diamond ring. I am proud to wear it and tell every one how it came to be.
(Ramona Taplin | Clinton, Arkansas)

Awesome work!my husband and I have been eyeballing certain wedding rings for a year we only wanted them n nothing else when we couldn’t get them else were I took a picture to fayes asked if they could make my husbands and they did I feel that they did a much better job then Kay’s jewlers fayes is better quality fantastic work and they know there stuff I would give them a 100% of fantastic work the ring is beautiful!thank you guys so much for being there!
(Betsy from Leslie, Arkansas)

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