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US-Made Quality for your Vows

American-made quality for your wedding bands! If you’re looking for an excellent value, with almost limitless options from traditional to unique & creative finishes, ask us about wedding jewelry designs. We already have a great selection in-store (see but can do special order & custom anytime!

Do you, still?

Anniversary Gifts at Faye's Diamond Mine in Clinton

Your anniversary will always be the SECOND most important day, after THIS one! Find a precious gift to show how much you still mean it, from Anniversary #1, to many years down the road together. Choose from our gift shop, keepsake roses, and unique jewelry designs for every budget, with Layaway & Financing available. Faye’s is proud to be Clinton’s community jeweler, for all your priceless occasions!

Online Showcase: →

Happily Ever After

Sometime’s a bride’s dreams DO come true…at Faye’s, it’s our favorite part of the job to help make those dreams a reality! This great catalog showcases both trendy & classic wedding jewelry with center diamonds ranging from 1/5ct to 2 carats. It’s a great place to start looking for ideas, whether you’re exploring your engagement ring fantasies for the first time, or looking for a new heirloom to celebrate with.

Quetsions about wedding jewelry? We are a FULL-SERVICE Bridal Center and are happy to help with your questions! Call 501-745-8434 or e-mail us anytime at

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Online Bridal Style Flipbook →

Victor Bridal Dreams Flipbook

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? We can modify, or make it! Ask about our exclusive custom design services.

New! Rings from Camelot

Camelot Rings at Faye's Diamond Mine

Not THAT Camelot…but we are proud to announce our new retail line of American-made wedding jewelry from Camelot Bridal, a family-owned & operated company since 1936. Our new Camelot rings are individually made right here in the US, at a facility that has its own refinery, to guarantee the finest gold quality. The rings are die-cast in metal molds, making them stronger for a better value. They come with an impressive warranty and are available in an affordable price point.

Gold bands are still “king” in the wedding tradition, and there are now many more designs to choose from if you seek a ring that is precious, unique, and more durable. Ask us about style & finish options for yellow/white gold or two-tone if you are looking for a wedding band, or an anniversary upgrade!

Don’t forget to check out our full Bridal Center! We have a full stock of wedding bands, diamond wedding sets, semi-mounts, fine diamonds (we are an Antwerp Diamond Broker) and custom design service.

3D Ring Designer App

What would your dream engagement ring look like?

There’s an app for that!

Faye's Diamond Mine in Clinton - Design Your Engagement Ring

Thanks to our 3D app from designer DiaDori, a perfect marriage of imagination and cutting-edge technology allows you to choose from hundreds of style variations and visualize a uniquely customized engagement ring.

Each computer-generated semi-mount is based on a real design that can be modified to fit almost any size or shape of diamond. Once you decide on the ideal design, we can help you choose the perfect diamond for your one-of-a-kind setting.

Use the app’s tools to change the color and shape, share your favorite look with your friends, ask questions about the ring, and get a personalized quote for your design. For smartphone users, there’s also a mobile version available for iPhone and Android.

Try it now!

Using a smartphone? Click here for the Mobile App.

Faye's Diamond Mine DiaDori App

Making the world brighter…

Making the World Brighter - Faye's Diamond Mine

NEW! Faye’s Bridal Center

Engagement Rings at Faye's Diamond Mine in Clinton Arkansas

Visit our brand new portal for all things Bridal! All the information you need about engagement jewelry, fascinating wedding facts, & great apps to make the search fun! Share it on Facebook or show it to a friend who’s planning to tie the knot.

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