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May we Shop for You?

What if the diamond you choose for that engagement ring, anniversary upgrade, or investment, is specially hand-picked by a local jeweler who can be your shopping agent? We are part of a special group of independent jewelers who can offer this service. There is no additional cost for the program and we personally travel to Antwerp, Belgium, the Diamond Capital, to find the best buys for our customers. Get the royal treatment & buy with confidence, because you deserve the best! Ask us about the Antwerp Diamond difference.

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Greetings from Antwerp!


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Hello from the world’s Diamond Capital! Famous for chocolates & beautiful skylines, and of course, the epicenter of expert diamond cutting. Our Master Graduate Gemologist, Lori Blagg, has just visited Antwerp, Belgium as part of the exclusive diamond buying program with IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization).

We are proud to offer our customers this service! You can own one (or more!) of these hand-picked treasures, and trace its entire history from the place where it was unearthed. The highly skilled diamond professionals in Antwerp offer a product of far higher quality than most of the market can offer, and this is evident in the exquisite brilliance of the cut & polish. We truly believe this is the most exceptional choice in searching for a diamond, whether for a dream engagement ring, a special anniversary upgrade, or an investment purchase.

Find out more about the Antwerp Diamond difference at Faye’s Diamond Mine is a Master IJO Jeweler in Clinton, Arkansas.

How to Grow a Diamond


Ask up about one-of-a-kind diamond opportunities in Antwerp! Our shopping trip starts soon. Call 501-745-8434 for details.

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How far would you go?

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The Best Way to Buy a Diamond

Antwerp Program Exclusive

Are you thinking about a diamond purchase? This may change how you think about diamond shopping.

Faye’s Diamond Mine is one of a select group of jewelers in the entire nation that participate in the Antwerp Diamond Broker Program. This unprecedented opportunity allows Faye, Lori, and other accredited independent jewelers to choose their diamonds in person, right from the hands of the master diamond cutters in Belgium.

Antwerp Diamond

In Antwerp, the master diamond cutters train over many years of apprenticeship, practicing an elite trade that is passed down through generations of gifted artists. Since a diamond’s brilliance depends chiefly on the quality and painstaking intricacies of its cut, Antwerp’s diamond cutters have built its reputation as the world’s diamond capital. We have direct access to choose from their craftsmanship.

Buying the diamonds ourselves not only ensures the highest quality – but it eliminates the cost of a middle man. It’s a huge value and a win-win for our customers.

Simply decide your budget, and we will discuss finding the diamond that most perfectly fits your ideal. We are happy to be your personal diamond agent!

If you are considering a diamond purchase, please ask us about Antwerp diamonds. We are honored to make this option available to you as a Master IJO jeweler.

Questions? Ask us! E-mail or call 501-745-8434.

Want to see Antwerp diamonds in person? Stop by and see some of our choice selections, including fancy color diamonds.

Just Dreaming…

Wishes in the sand

Have you been dreaming of diamonds lately? Faye and Lori have personally hand-picked beautiful and stunningly unique diamonds from the master diamond cutters of Antwerp, Belgium. One of these treasures could be waiting here for just you! We invite you to come and play with them – hold them in your hand, admire their exquisite brilliance, and make your dream come true.

What’s so special about an Antwerp diamond?
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This is a world-class opportunity available right here in the Ozarks. Ask us about finding the diamond you’ve always wished for!

Valentine’s Ideas at Faye’s

Valentine’s Day is less than 3 weeks away! We have lots of ideas to help you make it spectacular – from hearts, to “Shimmering Diamonds,” to interchangeable jewelry you can add to year after year! Shop now to take advantage of our Diamond Earring Extravaganza; huge discounts on studs, hoops, jackets & more – see store for details!

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Valentine's Specials at Faye's Diamond Mine

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