Green Diamonds

Who would have thought – diamonds come in green! Pictured above is marquise-shaped diamond with a light green color that is completely naturally-occurring. It’s rare, mysterious, and definitely for someone who likes to step outside the crowd with their jewelry choices!

What makes them green?

Fancy colored diamonds contain trace elements that leave a signature color, or “refractive anomalies” that distort the way light is reflected & absorbed. These effects can be enhanced under additional treatment, such as heating.

Green diamonds grow in parts of the earth where they form alongside uranium deposits, for instance, or other natural sources of radiation. They are extremely rare and often have a brownish-green tinge or an subtle, intriguing green haze. Green diamonds that have been treated will have a more vivid color, ranging from seafoam to olive to chartreuse to hunter; there’s a shade of fancy green diamond to match any color you desire!


Smashing records

The largest green diamond known to man is called the “Dresden Green,” discovered centuries ago in India’s illustrious Golconda diamond mines. It weighs a whopping 41 carats!

Do you have your heart set on a colored diamond? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment! Colored diamonds are gorgeous and trendy, and there is something for every budget. Faye’s is a diamond specialist. We carry a variety of colored diamond jewelry and a selection of loose diamonds. If you’d like to experience these dazzling gems in person, stop and in take a closer look! We can custom order any kind of diamond you like – we’re happy to take on your custom designs, so the sky’s the limit!

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