Zircon: The real deal!

The gemstone zircon usually gets its moment of fame in the bleak midwinter, in a fleeting role as one of December’s four dazzling official birthstones. But that’s a pity, because it’s a spectacular gem in its own right, with a surprising color array suited just as well to the sunny summer.

Faye's Green Zircon
This outstanding zircon from the Artinian Collection found a perfect home in this gorgeous diamond setting!

We know what you’re thinking: zircons are those synthetic gems, right?

Actually, that’s a misnomer; the popular man-made product “cubic zirconia” is often used in fashion jewelry in place of diamonds. Generations ago, naturally colorless zircons were commonly substituted for diamonds in a similar way. But beyond that, there’s no relation between “cz’s” and the zircon other than the sound of their names. (In fact, zircons have been found to be among the oldest gemstones in geology.)

Range of unheated, natural color zircons from Sri Lanka, sizes from 1-7 ct | GIA.edu
Range of unheated, natural color zircons from Sri Lanka, sizes from 1-7 ct | GIA.edu

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Zircons of all shades and shapes have been treasured since at least the Middle Ages – in fact, its Near Eastern name origin refers to its greatly prized glowing color. In ages past, it was touted as a sleep aid; but there’s nothing drowsy about the zircon! From blazing orange and amber to lush green, its double-dose of internal fire is often enhanced by fancy faceting or heat treatments that create stunning color variations.

Zircon and Diamond Ring at Faye's Diamond Mine

It’s fairly durable, making it a versatile option to wear in a ring as well as a pendant or other design. It’s low-maintenance and comes in a wide range of price options. Don’t leave this dazzling beauty to the December-born – see the wonders a touch of zircon can do to your jewelry collection!

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