The Remembrance Video

Three Words in memory of those whose lives have been forever changed by the fight against cancer.
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Retail jewelers across the nation were challenged by wholesale jeweler, Alisa Unger, Designs to create a You Tube video featuring three words that describe their experience with cancer in their own lives and in the lives of those they love. An independent panel judged these videos and $500 was donated to the American Cancer Society on behalf of the first place winner, Faye’s Diamond Mine of Clinton, Arkansas.

Faye’s is honored to have been awarded this top recognition. Owner, Faye Rodgers, and daughter/manager, Lori Blagg, can personally attest to cancer’s overwhelming impact. Faye was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012 and after successful treatment has since been in remission. Recently, cancer has claimed the lives of precious loved ones whose memory inspired their video presentation.

Faye’s own victory over cancer is only a small part of the larger wish for hope and healing, both physical and emotional, they wish to extend to those who have likewise suffered loss or who continue to battle the disease.
(Special thanks to Jessica Crabtree for her collaboration in the making of this video.)