Didn’t Know that Gem: Prasiolite

Often called green quartz or green amethyst, this lesser-known sister belongs in the family of sunny citrines and rich amethysts. It’s a precious quartz that mesmerizes and soothes with its cool, refreshing color. Seen in pale shades of mint green and seafoam, prasiolite can woo the eye as a brilliant faceted gem or in its milky form reminiscent of jade. It goes especially well in delicate vintage-style settings and fantasy-inspired designs.


The gems of the quartz family all develop unique colors based on their environment, and prasiolite is a rarer form created by more extreme heat, or in some cases ionizing radiation. As a quartz, it’s a great gemstone for rings, necklaces, and pendants alike, so you can enjoy it with confidence as you explore making fascinating new color blends. Prasiolite doesn’t require special treatment; avoid abrasive contact and extreme temperatures, and clean routinely with soapy water for ultimate sparkle.


Pantone’s Fashion Color forecast for 2015 anticipates a counterbalance of soothing pastel shades, after a marathon of jewel tones such as emerald and turquoise. It appears the mysteriously sparkling, easy-on-the-eyes, almost retro look of prasiolite is in for a spotlight!