What Shape of Engagement Ring is for You?


What your favorite engagement ring shape says about you

Jewelry is one of the most personal expressions of our personality & the deeply meaningful aspects of our lives. Through countless generations, the symbolism & tradition that have been passed down with our fine fashions weave a story around the things we love, people we cherish, and our uniquely individual tastes.

What kind of statement does your engagement ring make about your personality?


Round Engagement Rings at Faye's Diamond MineThe round brilliant cut is still the most popular and preferred shape for an engagement diamond. It’s a traditional look with the symbolic reminder that love, like a circle, is never-ending. This shape is designed to enhance a diamond’s apparent size and brilliance, above all.

The style it conveys is sweet and classic – you’re a practical person who can still savor the sentimental and romantic!


Diamond Engagement Rings in Clinton, ArkansasThe princess cut, or square, is the close runner-up for popularity among engagement rings. Its beauty is in its simplicity, and the perfect clean lines bring out the diamond’s clarity and sparkle with an elegant modern twist.

A princess diamond is a youthful, classy option. You like the traditional, but on your terms – your confidence opens a gateway of style & opportunity!


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The marquise diamond is the symbol of drama and excitement. Its eye-catching, dynamic shape varies in proportion to match every possible preference. Your fashionable sense of adventure is drawn to its glamorous allure – you’ll enjoy this style as a solitaire or in harmony with a countless array of accent choices!


Emerald Cut Engagement RingThe emerald-cut diamond is a strikingly vintage approach to engagement rings, favored by icons such as Grace Kelly.

This look is not about flash; the long sweeping facets of an emerald-cut are engineered to bare a diamond’s pristine purity to the world. If your credo as a connoisseur of quality is “discriminating,” then an emerald-cut diamond says to the world that your engagement is a rare treasure!


Engagement Rings from independent jewelers in ArkansasThe poise & symmetry of a pear-shaped diamond is all about balance. It is brilliantly faceted with a distinctive look that’s particularly attractive to the artistic individual. The unique combination of round and angular, traditional and unconventional, suggests an open-minded personality that enjoys variety.

Oval diamond engagement rings are summed up in one word: sophistication. The beautifully balanced proportions and elegant style are a nod to the traditional round brilliant. But your exquisite taste demands something more unusual. You are a unique, independent individual who wants the best of both worlds – a perfect match for the brilliant flair of an oval diamond.

Don’t forget… There are as many different shapes of diamonds & styles of engagement rings as there are brides to wear them! Other popular choices include cushion, heart, and asscher – and even fancy colored diamonds. Your look is limited only by your imagination!

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