Didn’t know that gem…



This wild, summery sunburst is a lesser-known gemstone that deserves a lot more time in the spotlight. Like its cool-colored cousins, labradorite, amazonite and moonstone, it’s a type of feldspar. Beautiful natural sunstones are frequently found right here in the US, primarily in Oregon, where there are large deposits of sunstones with a trademark effervescent glow.

In the traditional lore of some of the Northwest region’s native people, drops of blood from a wounded hero infused the stones with the great warrior’s spirit.

Sunstones are a unique and stunning gem often used in gorgeous ornamental designs such as brooches. The more brilliant the color, the more pristine the clarity, and the more dazzling the light effect, the more desirable the gem.

Want to see sunstones up close? Faye & Lori brought back a variety of loose sunstones from a gem fair earlier this spring. Stop by & ask for a look at the collection!

Read more about this amazing gemstone at the Gemological Institute of America:

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