Massive Blue Diamond Astonishes World

From South Africa’s Cullinan mine, birthplace of the all-time record breaking “Cullinan Diamond” and other fabulous finds, emerges a brand new wonder in the magical line-up of diamond all-stars.

Cullinan Blue Diamond
Photo courtesy of Petra Diamonds

Measuring 122.52 carats, the frosty blue marvel is anticipated to break the standing record for size, and also the record for auction price.

Another famous blue treasure is the “Hope Diamond,” a dark blue diamond surrounded by legend & mystery.

Blue diamonds are formed when traces of boron gas are trapped inside the carbon crystals. They are more common in the diamonds in the Cullinan deposit, which continues to surprise with some of the finest and most pristine gems known to man, some weighing hunderds of carats. Over the generations, it has produced the DeBeers Centenary Diamond, the Golden Jubilee Diamond, and the celebrated Burton-Taylor Diamond (of Liz Taylor fame).