Mother’s Day is on the way

Your Guide to Mother’s Rings

Mother’s rings (as well as Grandmother’s Rings) are a popular traditional jewelry gift, especially as Mother’s Day approaches. They’re an heirloom piece that commemorates Mom’s special role and the connection with her loved ones. Although Mother’s Rings are most often custom made, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here’s a cheat sheet to making your special project easy.

Don’t forget that custom-made jewelry takes some time to assemble & ship. It’s a good idea to start your order a few weeks in advance of Mother’s Day to make sure your gift arrives in time for her special day.

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  1. Who will be in the ring?
    Mother’s rings usually contain the children’s birthstones. In some variations, the birthstones represent the entire family (parents & kids) or the grandchildren. (Keep in mind that if you plan on including a lot of birthstones, that will limit your style choices to rings made for many settings.)

    When you decide whose birthstones will be in the ring, you’ll want to make a quick list of names & keep it handy for the next step.

  2. What are the birthstones?
    Here’s a handy chart of birthstones by month. Write the birth month next to each name so you can visualize the colors. The arrangement of the birthstones is entirely up to you.

    Faye's Diamond Mine Birthstones for Mother's Rings

  3. Genuine or synthetic?

    Many mother’s rings are designed with man-made gemstones. You may want to consider this if you have a lot of birthstones in your ring, or if the style you choose has large gems. Also, the birthstones for some months are rarer & more valuable, making synthetic birthstones a more affordable option. You can ask for a comparison price before your order is completed.

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  4. Which precious metal for the setting?

    Sterling silver or gold? White or yellow gold? 10-karat or 14-karat? These are the basic questions you’ll have to answer when your design comes together. Most ring styles are available in these options so you’ll want to give it some thought beforehand.

    White gold is more popular, while yellow gold is more traditional – but it’s completely fine to mix them, and many rings come in a two-tone look. Gold is better suited to holding genuine gemstones than silver, and the price range will be higher. Silver rings require a bit more maintenance cleaning to keep them bright. Use your knowledge of what she likes to wear on a regular basis to help you choose.

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  6. What style will she like?

    There are a lot more options for the look of mother’s rings than there used to be. Instead of a limited “cookie-cutter” approach where only the combination of birthstones made a ring unique, it’s now very easy to find a style that really reflects her tastes & personality. Have fun exploring & comparing the designs.

  7. Final touches

    You might consider engraving as a personal touch that makes her ring one-of-a-kind. Some styles offer space to engrave individual names near the birthstones. It’s also a common practice to engrave her name, a special message, or date inside the band.

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