Amazing Super Bowl Ring Trivia

William "Fridge" Perry

  • The largest ring size of any Super Bowl ring was made for Chicago Bear, William “Fridge” Perry, in size 25. That’s an inside circumference of nearly 4 inches!

  • The first Super Bowl ring was made in 1966. It had a single 1-carat diamond.

  • Jostens, better known for their popular high school class rings, has designed rings for 30 of the 46 Super Bowls. The rings for 6 of the remaining 10 Super Bowls were contracted to Tiffany & Co.

  • Each team gets $5,000 from the NFL to apply toward the cost of 150 individual rings. Of course, that doesn’t go very far these days…

  • The auction record for a Super Bowl ring is nearly a quarter million, for Lawrence Taylor’s ring from ’91 Super Bowl XXV.

  • Remember the Super Bowl ring of Patriots owner Robert Kraft that accidentally landed in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pocket? It’s still in the Kremlin library.

  • John Schmitt's Super Bowl RingFinally, an unbelievable “lost & found”…

    Jets center John Schmitt lost his ’71 ring while surfing in Hawaii. It wasn’t found until the 1990’s by a lifeguard who had no idea of its true value. After his death, his great-niece found it among his belongings and brought it to a GIA appraiser, who helped them track down the owner. They offered it back to retired football player without accepting any reward – and the overwhelmed Schmitt reportedly broke down into tears.

Special thanks to GIA for the Super Ring trivia.