Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Over the years, each anniversary year has become associated with a special gift to be given to the spouse or a celebrating couple. Nobody’s quite sure how the tradition evolved as it is today – and why some of the more obscure items are connected with an anniversary – but the list is more a handy shopping guide than a hard-fast rule.

  1. Gold
  2. Garnet
  3. Pearls
  4. Blue Topaz
  5. Sapphire

Each gift inspiration will have a unique and special meaning for a couple as they count forward the years passed together.

    The First 5 Years

  • 1st Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

    Gold is the most widely accepted gift the bridegroom presents to his lady on their first anniversary. Gold jewelry is history’s most universal token of value and worth. It’s a classic, elegant way of expressing the simple thought “This is the first of many…

    Consider a gold anniversary band to complete her wedding set, or a lovely gold pendant & chain.

    14K “Hearts” Dangle Earrings
    14ky heart er

    14kw diamond band
    14K White Gold Band with 1/5tcw diamonds – a wonderful right-hand ring!

  • 2nd Anniversary: Garnet

    This rich, dark gem is the traditional birthstone for January and one of the most popular in Old World style. It was greatly prized in the age of knights & ladies as a symbol of love and loyalty. It’s named for its resemblance to the pomegranate seed – an allusion to the sweetness of enduring romance.

    A gift of garnet is great for him or her. Find the deep, warm color in men’s rings and other accessories.

    rhodolite garnet pd
    Genuine Rhodolite Garnet Pendant on 18″ 14K Yellow Gold Chain

  • 3rd Anniversary: Pearls

    No woman’s wardrobe is complete without pearls. It’s the quintessential jewel of womanhood and its unique living heritage gives a hint of the miracle of life. Maybe the third anniversary is year that “baby makes three”! Try a classic strand of white pearls for the traditional mom, or sleek black pearls for the more contemporary taste. If a new baby girl is in the company, make an heirloom gift of seed pearls.

    akoya er
    Cultured Akoya Pearls with .10ct Diamonds & 14K White Gold Settings

  • 4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

    Blue topaz is an alternative birthstone for December and its striking blue brilliance seems to say, “The sky’s the limit!” Find this sunny, vivid gem in settings of white or yellow gold, to match the rest of her collection. It’s easy to find in a wide variety of designs – pendants, earrings, rings, and more – so it will be easy to find something perfect just in time!

    gents blue topaz ring
    Gents London Blue Topaz Ring, 14K with Accent Diamonds

  • 5th Anniversary: Sapphire

    September’s beloved birthstone has stood for wisdom and faithfulness since ancient times. Five years together has given you both a lot of time to live and learn, and a gift of sapphire (for him or her) is a symbol that you’re still going strong!

    Don’t forget that the durable, versatile sapphire comes in all the colors of the rainbow. White sapphires are often used in contemporary pave settings for a glowing, sophisticated look. Pink sapphires and yellow sapphires are soft and feminine. For a bolder look, opt for the mysterious and striking star sapphire.

    pink sapphire er
    14K Drop Earrings with Fancy Pink Sapphires & Diamonds

    Petra Azar United World Pendant
    Petra Azar’s Pave White Sapphire & Resin pendant with adjustable chain

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