August is for weddings…

Yes, it’s true – August is still runner-up for the most popular wedding month.

And we really love weddings! From walking a groom-to-be through the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring, to sobbing over the happy couple’s brand-new album of wedding photos – it’s easy for us to get emotionally involved!

Wedding & engagement rings have such a deep-rooted attachment to the spirit of a marriage. A piece of jewelry is a precious and personal thing whose meaning is changeless through time. Rare, age-old treasures taken from the earth are crafted by artisans, transforming into the gold bands and diamond rings that brides cherish and pass down to their great-grandchildren.

The gold in your wedding band was born in the heart of a star aeons ago. A hundred years from now, the same diamond that made your face glow as you answered “Yes!” may bring a similar joy to some lucky girl who gets a proposal with your heirloom ring.

Every priceless heirloom starts out new. Choose pieces you love. Wear them often. Treat them kindly. One day, you will pass them on to someone, and along with them the stories – your stories – woven into the tapestry of its life.

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