Diamond of nearly 3 carats unearthed in Arkansas

Arkansas isn’t known as the “Diamond State” for nothing. The nation’s only operating diamond mine – the “Crater of Diamonds” State Park in Murfreesboro – has yielded over 75,000 diamonds to thrilled treasure seekers over the years. Now, another lucky vacationer has made a fabulous diamond find over the holiday.

2.95 carat diamond discovered by Terry Staggs, 2013 (Photo: Crater of Diamonds State Park)
2.95 carat champagne diamond discovered by Terry Staggs // Photo from Crater of Diamonds State Park

Today’s THV: Ky man unearths 2.95 carat diamond in Murfreesboro

Dubbed the “Patriot Diamond” in honor of its discovery on July 4th, the 2.95 carat champagne diamond is the year’s biggest find at the popular park. Kentucky native Terry Staggs is a veteran diamond hunter who has been a regular in Murfreesboro for many years. This time, his searching paid off after less than three hours.

Diamonds were first discovered at the site in 1906, which was established as a state park in 1976. To date, the record holder for the largest diamond found at the park – and anywhere in the US – is another “patriotic” find, the Uncle Sam pink diamond, weighing in at over 40 carats. The site also holds claim to the only diamond graded completely perfect by the American Gem Society.

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