Two for the Road

While you’re out, why don’t you grab some milk and eggs… and a world-record diamond or two, with a few odd million in change?

Last year, we saw mind-muddling figures fly as lucky buyers snatched up exquisitely rare diamonds such as the internally flawless blue briolette that sold for over a million dollars per carat, the stunning 76-carat “Archduke Joseph” ($21 million), the legendary Beau Sancy, and the 3.5-carat blue marquise that fetched $2.5 million (a 500% return on its auction estimate!)

Image: Elite Traveler

Some of these have already made the latest list of the world’s most valuable diamonds. Just a little earlier this year, the Princie Diamond (above) joined the ranks of the most expensive diamonds ever sold at auction: 34.65 carats worth of exceptionally pristine “Fancy Intense” pink, cushion-cut, for a mere $40 million. The nickname originates from the Van Cleef & Arpels firm who purchased the diamond in 1960, a homage to a young Indian prince in tow with his mother at one of their jewelry expos. (The next time mom takes you along on a shopping trip, don’t argue!)

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Finally, for the record (no pun intended), is the largest and finest briolette known thus far: nicknamed the “Star of China” after its sale this May, it boasts 75.36 carats of spectacularly brilliant clarity that flew off the GIA charts.

Image: Collection Magazine

According to the Jewelry News Network:

The briolette has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America to be of D color and type IIa, indicating its internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, highest level of chemical purity and exceptional optical transparency. Less than one carat in every 100,000 carats of diamonds is found to be found in this perfect condition.

Oh yes – and I’ll take the moon with that, please.