Wedding Statistics – the country’s leading authority on wedding facts and figures – has released their breakdown of last year’s national averages, based on responses from nearly 20,000 participating newlyweds coast to coast.

A few bits of bridal trivia:

The average age of brides across the country is 29.

A typical wedding invites around 140 guests, with 8-10 bridesmaids & groomsmen.

Nearly a quarter of weddings take place at special travel destinations.

The average DJ makes nearly $1,000 at a wedding reception.

Average cost of the engagement ring:


Average cost of the wedding dress:


Average cost of the wedding cake:


June Brides:

June is still the most popular wedding month, followed by August. The most popular month for couples to get engaged is December (aren’t the holidays romantic?)

The average length of an engagement is 14 months.

Favorite Wedding Colors: Something Blue?

Blue and purple made up 60% of color schemes for weddings among all couples surveyed.

Big Apple vs. Wilderness

New York City ranks as the most expensive place to get married based on the averge local cost of weddings. Surprisingly, Hawaii landed at the bottom of the top 20 list of 20 locales (the cost of a Manhattan ceremony was cost twice as much on average)!

The survey showed that Alaska is the least expensive place to get married.

Factoids courtesy of P’s & Q’s & W’s