Jewelry for Mom

Need Mother’s Day ideas? Here are a few of our best picks to show Mom your love with a personal expression of jewelry.

  1. Petra Azar No-Clasp Designer Line

    Petra Azar River of Love PendantWe’re proud to offer the Petra designs as an attractive, practical alternative to traditional clasp jewelry. This is one of our most popular gift options thanks to its super-easy concept of magnetic attachments & interchangeable designs.

    Mom has never received jewelry with such unique simplicity!

    Right: “River of Love” Sterling & Pink Enamel Heart Necklace on an adjustable chain. The pendant is two magnets that detach for easy wear!
    Petra Azar "No Greater Love" Necklace
    Left: “No Greater Love” Mother & Child Pendant, Sterling Silver with White Sapphires

    See more about this fabulous design…

  2. For New Mothers (or Grandmothers): BabyFeet Charms

    Baby Feet jewelry at Faye's Diamond MineInspired by the love of a mother, these beautiful sterling charms for necklace or bracelet capture the first memories of a baby’s precious new life.

    Different styles of tiny baby footprints can be worn on sterling chains or toggle-style bracelets. (Some styles trimmed in 14 karat yellow gold.)

    Baby Feet Jewelry at Faye's

  3. Diamonds for the Special Mom

    Journey PendantNothing’s tougher than diamonds – except maybe a mother’s love. Rare, time-enduring, and precious, this is a perfect symbol to show her how much you appreciate all she means.

    Journey necklaces represent how love grows over time. A great gift idea for husbands, these are an excellent choice for that devoted and caring wife & mother.

    We also carry a wide selection of diamond pendants in hearts, solitaires and freeform designs.

  4. Something extra special…

    Have you seen our 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Roses? They’re a stunning alternative to live flowers that will last her forever.

    24_karat_rosesChoose from our all-gold style (with a real rose inside!) or our beautiful array of laquered enamel colors with genuine 24-karat gold edging. Start your own Mother’s Day tradition and give her a different color each year!

We’re happy to help you find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. Not sure what to choose? Stop by and browse our gift collections. Make this the Mother’s Day she won’t forget!