2013 Color of the Year: Emerald Green

emeraldTo the delight of gemstone connoisseurs everywhere, emerald green has been named 2013 Color of the Year by Pantone’s style report. In time for the lush green explosion of spring – and St. Patrick’s Day – this new wave of jewel-toned chic is a bonanza for May-born fashionistas who can wear their color with pride!

Rich green colors, say the experts, are suggestive of wealth and propserity – just envision the brilliant, deep sparkle of royal jewels – and the abundance of nature. So go for the green! It’s a great time to showcase your emeralds. Renew their sparkle with a gentle spring cleaning (gentle is key here; emeralds can be delicate divas, as their royal look suggests).

May Birthstone: Meet the Emerald, fashion, folklore, & care

Emeralds, and emerald green enamels, are a popular feature of Art Deco jewelry – a perfect fit for the in-style vintage look. Pair with yellow gold for an opulent look in the evening. Make an emerald statement piece pop by wearing it with a pale green blouse or dress.

Check out an emerald as an engagement ring!

Image: Celebrity Engagement Rings on Kroh’s Nest Jewelry