Christian Marriage Symbol Jewelry

Christian Marriage Symbol at Faye's Diamond Mine | Master IJO Jeweler in Clinton, AR

The Christian Marriage Symbol is one of our best-selling designs, and for good reason; it’s a beautiful expression of love & faith that brings together all the best of fine design and special symbolism. A trio of diamonds – themselves a symbol of timeless love – represent the Past, Present, and Future spent together. Intertwined wedding bands celebrate the loving bond a married couple shares, growing stronger through time.

These necklaces are a perfect anniversary gift for that special soulmate who’s been at your side through thick and thin. The Marriage Symbol pendants are more than an elegant piece of jewelry – they carry a powerful message for your loved one to wear close to her heart.

Choose from several designs, also available in White or Yellow gold, Two-Tone Gold, and Sterling Silver/14K. Let us put together a gift-wrapped package that will make her remember this anniversary forever!