Jewelry Remount & Restyle Event

March 14-15, 2013

Thur. & Fri. 10am-4pm

Everyone is invited to attend our Remount Show and take advantage of the huge selection of ring mountings & jewelry settings – available for a short time only!

If you have jewelry that’s seen its better days – or is just ready for a new look – this is an excellent opportunity to find the ideal new setting and have our on-site bench jeweler make your favorite pieces like new again!

Jewelry that is a “perfect fit” for a remount event:

  • Worn, thin ring shanks
  • Old, loose prongs
  • Wedding sets ready for upgraded mountings
  • Heirloom family jewelry that doesn’t fit
  • Swapping stones into a new design
  • Changing from yellow gold settings to white gold

The show is open to the public but you are encouraged to call and make an appointment if you would like a consultation about your jewelry design. We’ll walk you through the re-design process and help you find the perfect new settings!