All-Stars: The Millennium Star Diamond

Millennium Star Diamond
Image: The Millennium Star Diamond // Israel Diamond Industry

Named for its appearance in 1999, on the eve of the new millennium, DeBeers and the Steinmetz Group unveiled the Millennium Star as part of an ensemble of true diamond all-stars – some of the rarest and most pristine diamonds ever found.

The Millennium’s claim to fame? Its D-color (Perfectly Colorless) and “Internally Flawless” grades placed it firmly in second place behind the Centenary Diamond – the only larger diamond of the same qualifications.

Discovered in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), the Millennium in its rough form weighed a staggering 777 carats, making it the 6th largest gem-quality diamond ever found. Its final weight is slightly over 203 carats in a mesmerizingly beautiful 54-facet pear shape. The cutting process was a three-year tour-de-force undertaken by experts on three continents, earning the resulting product the rare and coveted grade of “Externally Flawless,” meaning that the diamond cutters did not leave even the slightest trace on the diamond’s surface.

This unique combinations of exceptional qualities means that the Millennium Star may be the only diamond that is recognized to be completely flawless, internally and externally.

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