Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Snake
Welcome to the Year of the Snake!

In Chinese culture, a year (or an individual) takes on the characteristics of its corresponding zodiac sign. People born in Snake years are marked for their cleverness, intuition, and sophisticated taste. Snakes are respected symbols of wisdom and intelligence, and snake years are anticipated to bring events of great strategic advantage and intellectual growth.

Even if you’re not among the 1 in 5 people globally who will be celebrating this festivity, you can still use fashion to pay homage to this great cultural event. Pick a statement piece in red – the signature color of the Chinese snake – or something with an undulating, freeform design as a “tip-of-the-hat” to the year’s ruling symbol.

Why not try serpentine jewelry? This unusual opaque stone has a mesmerizing, marbled finish similar to jade. Look for it in elegant drop earrings or fashion necklaces.