“Style of Jolie”

Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop make an incredible celeb jewelry team. Maybe the best since Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (without the whole marriage part).

Procop, one of the leading gem buyers & designers in the jewelry industry, was responsible for making Brad Pitt’s engagement ring dream a reality earlier last year. More recently, he’s teamed up with Jolie, harnessing some of her glamorous superstar power to launch a jewelry line that benefits education in third-world countries.

Style of Jolie - Rubellite Earrings
Tablet-cut rubellite in 18K rose gold

The “Style of Jolie” collection is now going public with its ravishing array of pristine hand-selected gems in strikingly sleek, opulent contemporary settings.

Style of Jolie - Spinel Necklace
Necklace with nearly 75 carats of black spinel in 18k bezel settings
Style of Jolie - Emerald Necklace
44-count cushion cut Emerald necklace with total gem weight of over 100 carats

Images: Jewelry News Network

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