Jewelry Care Recap

toasterSo, you got jewelry for Christmas? We’re delighted – and we’ll bet you are too! You hold a special place in someone’s heart, and they took the time to choose a precious gift to say just how much you mean to them.

Now’s a great time to go over the more important points of jewelry care to make sure that your new treasures – and your old ones – stay in great shape for many years to come.

Faye’s Master Sheet of Jewelry Care – Visit our learning center for important tips on caring for gems, pearls, and precious metals

Jewelry Information Center – An excellent resource on cleaning, storing, and insuring your jewelry (a very important step that many people overlook). If you wear jewelry, this should be in your bookmarks!

Helpful articles from our archives:

Gemstone care

Colored gems have a huge diversity of care needs, so it’s important to know what will suit your colored stone jewelry and what to avoid.

Have birthstone jewelry? Look yours up in our Birthstone Archive for specialized care information: