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January’s birthstone is the bold, stunning garnet. While it’s best known for its signature deep red color, the garnet comes in many different colors.

Its name comes from the Latin “granatum,” meaning seed, because of its similarity to the seeds of the pomegranate. pomegranate seedsGarnets were the most widely-used gemstone in Europe during the Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages. Many famous artifacts including jewelry, ornaments, and weapons made with beautiful garnet inlay have been found in ancient burials and in Anglo-Saxon treasure hoards. They were also very popular during the Victorian Era. Garnets come primarily from Africa, India, Russia & Eastern Europe, and South America.

anglo-saxon garnet

Garnet has an especially luminous color and a high reflective power. According to legend, Noah steered the ark through the darkness with the light of a garnet lantern. This birthstone symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness; it is said to ensure its wearer victory…

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