Black Diamonds for Black Friday

There are “blue moons” and “red-letter days”… But neither is as rare or exquisite as our stunning black diamond necklaces.

Black Diamond Strands at Faye's Diamond Mine

Black is a captivating twist that gives diamond jewelry a bold, starry new look. Gaining popularity among celebrities that include the likes of LeeAnn Rimes and Kristen Stewart, it’s a sleek and modern style that reinvents the brilliant sparkle of the diamond into a totally new alter-ego.

A strand of beaded black diamonds, such as the one shown above, is a fantastic statement piece for almost any season.

Available now at Faye’s:

  • 17″ black diamond strand with 14k white gold clasp, 33.88 total carat weight diamonds: $2,999.00
  • 17″ black diamond strand, 14.91 twt diamonds: $1,999.99
  • *Plus* black & white diamond bracelets, black diamond rings, and more