Jewelry for Men

Did you know tomorrow is International Men’s Day? Yes, there is such a thing. We thought it would be a good time to mention some great gift options for the special man in your life.

Men’s jewelry has come a long way in recent years. Metals like titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel have become popular choices for a manly, industrial look that also offer high scratch-resistance and durability.

These men’s rings are perfect for wedding or anniversary, Christmas, those year-end birthdays, or even “just because.” The choices are extremely versatile to accommodate men who prefer a more masculine look, those who appreciate a more sophisticated style, and everyone in between.

  • Fable men’s designer rings

    The Fable brand is an industry standard in high-quality craftsmanship and design. They offer a huge range of specialty bands that go far beyond ordinary jewelry selections.

    Fable Designs Mens Cobalt Sandblast Comfort Fit Ring
    Fable Designs Mens Comfort-Fit Cobalt Ring with Sandblast Finish

    These highly-customizable designs include military-approved non-reflective finishes, one-of-a-kind meteorite rings, and mokume gane (the same ancient technique used in fashioning the legendary Samurai sword).

    Made with metals like titanium and black zirconium ceramic, these rings are nearly indestructible for the active guys who demand a lot from their jewelry.

  • Mossy Oak camo rings

    The newest addition to the Fable catalog is the hugely popular Mossy Oak brand camouflage band. This is just the item for the outdoorsman who likes to wear his passion with pride. Make it truly original by choosing the pattern, metal, shape, size (including quarter-sizes), and most designs also come with the option of engravings or other personalizations.

    Mossy Oak Duck Blind Titanium Camo Ring
    Mossy Oak Duck Blind Titanium Camo Ring

    These also make ideal wedding rings (and just in case you’re wondering, they come in pink camo – so you can have matching bands!)

  • “Man-gagement” rings

    Don’t forget the man-gagement. While it’s not as universally established as the woman’s traditional engagement ring, it’s gaining popularity among many couples who like the idea of “equal treatment” in wedding jewelry.

    Fable Mens Ceramic & Palladium Comfort-Fit Diamond Ring
    Fable Mens Ceramic & Palladium Comfort-Fit Diamond Ring
    After all, with so many stylish and affordable options, why should the guy have to miss out? Take some creative license to choose your man a unique, signature ring that reflects his personality and tells the world, “He’s taken!”

  • Diamonds for men

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but diamond jewelry isn’t just for women. Men’s diamonds come in a wide array of style options, making them a fantastic choice for an anniversary, 50th birthday, career milestone, or other special occasion.

    14K Two-Tone Mens Ring with .25twt Diamonds
    14K Two-Tone Mens Ring with .25twt Diamonds

    Be sure to ask about “Comfort Fit” bands, specially designed with thicker, rounder shanks for a more natural feel and longer wear!

Give us a call or stop by the store to see our men’s jewelry selection. Find out how being an IJO Master Jeweler translates to great choices, outstanding service, and the easiest shopping experience ever!