World-Famous 76-Carat Diamond Up For Sale

Archduke Joseph Diamond
Image: Jewelry News Network

One of the most renowned gems in the world – the “Archduke Joseph Diamond” – is being offered at a Christie’s auction in Geneva this fall. The stunning cushion-cut is internally flawless and perfectly colorless – both rare boasts for diamonds of any size, let alone a whopping 76.02 carat.

This impeccable diamond originated in the legendary Golconda mines of India, along with other treasures such as the Koh-i-noor diamond and many of the crown jewels of the famous ruling dynasties. It’s named in memory of a recent member of the Hapsburg dynasty, historically one of Europe’s most powerful families, who have laid claim to a number of jewelry and gemstone prizes through the centuries.

The diamond is expected to bring $15 million at auction.

Forbes Magazine: 76-Carat Archduke Joseph Diamond Expected to Fetch $15 Million

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