Jewelry Fashions for Autumn

Autumn Leaves

How does the fall weather bring out the best from your jewelry box?

We’ll admit, every season is great for jewelry! There are some classic pieces that are great year-round. By taking cues from nature, we can pull together a fantastic look that suits each season’s fashions. For you lovers of pastel colors, woman_in_orange_jewelrythe blushing pretty pinks of alexandrite and playful Easter-egg colors of lighter gems like aquamarine and amethyst are a perfect match for spring. Breezy summer nights and winter’s frosty sparkle both have their own influence on our choice of jewelry.

Autumn is an exceptional opportunity to blend a rich new palette of warm tones that will take your wardrobe look by storm!

    1. Mirror autumn colors in your accessories

      Days may be getting shorter and a chill creeping into the air, but the trees are on fire! The beautiful blazing hues of the changing leaves are the signature of the season. This is the best time to spotlight gemstones that mirror the fiery warmth of fall.

      ArmandJacoby_F42_R8171SQT_720x720_72_CMYKThink warm, brilliant colors and lots of texture: reds, browns, oranges, and yellows are never more in season! A citrine or topaz pendant or cocktail ring is a stunning accent piece to spotlight against a formal black suit. Garnets, spinels, and colored quartz are in their prime.

  1. Choose earth tones

    Instead of white gold or silver, bring out your yellow gold pieces and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Now is the chance for semi-precious gems and minerals like sardonyx and chalcedony to shine – it’s a time for rich colors and strong, solid patterns to rule!

    Fall is a great season to try something adventurous – go bold with large decorative beads & bracelets and the rustic look. Try pairing these with turquoise, another great earth tone that makes a great contrast to your fall outfits.

  2. Go organic!

    In keeping with the season’s earthy feel, opt for organic materials such as amber and coral. Their warmth and depth are a great addition to any fall outfit. (Remember that this kind of jewelry requires special care – if unsure how to clean or maintain them, always consult a jewelry professional.)

  3. BHMulti-02_720x720_72_RGBDiamonds change color in fall, too!

    Why stick with ordinary ice when such extraordinary changes are happening all around us? Fall is a terrific time to take the plunge and go for a fancy colored diamond!

    Not too long ago, these rarities were reserved only for the most elite of collectors and celebrities – so most people are surprised to learn that they’re accessible to most jewelry buyers.

    Why not the smoky, smoldering, decadent look of mocha diamonds? Nothing can make a statement like the king of gems decked out for the season!