Back to School for Jewelry

It’s that time of year again! School’s in session and classes are in full swing. Now is a good opportunity to go over the ABC’s of basic jewelry care.


Always store your jewelry in a safe, protective place.

Good jewelry storageIt’s a great routine to put your jewelry in a dedicated spot every time you take it off. It will stay in top shape a lot longer and you’re far less likely to lose it.

Don’t toss your jewelry in your purse, where chains will become tangled or broken, pearls and softer gemstones will get scratched, and any fine pieces are a lot more likely to pick up debris and residue that will affect their condition. Never leave your jewelry on the sink. Keep your jewelry box/chest uncluttered.

As a rule, gemstones and precious metals all like a cool, dark, soft place with some “elbow room” to keep nicks and scratches to a minimum.


Be sure that your precious pieces are insured.

The worst sometimes happens – wedding bands and family heirlooms aren’t immune to loss and theft. Don’t take for granted that your homeowner’s insurance automatically covers them. Check your policy or speak with your representative. Make sure you have proper documentation including photos, receipts, and professional appraisals. If necessary, consider having your pieces evaluated by a qualified jeweler to provide you with a record of the current replacement value.


Clean your jewelry frequently.

Cleaning jewelryA little mild, soapy water and a soft cloth for polishing is an universal cleaning recipe that goes a long way. If possible, buff your jewelry after each use to keep it bright and shiny. Gold chains and earrings posts can be dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove oily residue. Silver cleaner works quickly to remove tarnish.

Avoid solvents and detergents that could damage your jewelry. Some pieces benefit best from a ultrasonic treatment. Having your fine pieces professionally cleaned by a jeweler is a great opportunity to check for loose prongs, cracked stones and broken clasps before they become a problem.

Images: Jewelry Care 101

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