DiaDori Bridal Jewelry

DiaDori Bridal

DiaDori is our newest line of engagement & wedding jewelry and one that we’re really excited about! These exquisite new designs showcase some of the best-quality craftsmanship we’ve seen.

But what makes DiaDori truly unique? You get to be the designer! By using social media and the latest virtual imaging technology, DiaDori makes the possibilities of custom-design almost limitless.

The inspiration of Israeli designer Cherie Dori, DiaDori is the perfect solution for brides who already have the diamond (or other gemstone of choice). If you have an heirloom ring that doesn’t suit your taste (or one that needs repair) you can swap the stone into a new ready-made DiaDori setting. Or take the unique opportunity of choosing a special jewel that will make your ring one-of-a-kind.

Choosing a DiaDori ring makes shopping for wedding jewelry a lot easier, since each specially-designed engagement ring is matched with a wedding band. With so many gorgeous settings in a huge array of styles and sizes, getting the ring of your dreams is now a lot closer to reality.

We have one more way to help your wedding ring fantasy come true… With the easy-to-use DiaDori app “The Vow,” you can design your own dream ring from start to finish and watch as the magic of technology makes it appear right before your eyes! If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Send it to your friends and let them help choose your style.

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