Top 3 Jewelry Tips for Summer


Today is the first official day of summer!

Days in the sun and nights on the town… what better time to bring out the best of your jewelry collection? We all have those favorite pieces we’ve been dying to wear with that great new outfit. Follow our top three tips for summer jewelry, and you’re guaranteed to sparkle right into autumn!

  1. Jewelry doesn’t like the pool as much as you do. Chlorine (and saltwater) are real enemies of fine jewelry, especially gemstones. If you spend time in the water – at the beach or in the hot tub – find a safe place to store your rings, bracelets and chains for a while. Your jewelry will thank you!

  2. Put your jewelry on last. Remember to apply body products before you put your jewelry on. Sunscreen, lotions, and perfumes contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry. Besides, they will need cleaning a lot sooner as these leave film and buildup on their surface.

  3. Give your jewelry a little TLC. After you and your jewelry have spent the day out, take a moment to give it a little buff with a soft cloth to get rid of the dust, oils, and other pollution it has accumulated. Many precious stones and metals like a bath once in a while – warm soapy water will do. (Check our Jewelry Cleaning Guide to see what your jewelry needs…) Most pieces will benefit greatly from a visit to your jeweler for a professional cleaning that will keep them in tip-top shape. As you’re out and about with your summer activities, it’s more likely that your jewelry will experience wear and tear, so a routine cleaning will catch chipped stones or loose prongs and clasps early on.