Engagement Jewelry Tips for Guys

engaged-coupleSo, you’re ready to pop the question…

If only it were that simple. You’re faced with the daunting task of choosing your beloved’s engagement ring. How can something so small be so complicated, you say? Finding the right size, choosing the stone, what shape, what style, and how to make it the perfect surprise – we hear you.

So, gentlemen, we thought we’d run to your aid with some very helpful tips to steer you on your way. (We won’t call it advice, just some friendly pointers to make your job a little easier!)

Step 1: Do your homework

If you’re going to make any significant investment into a piece of jewelry for your one and only, make sure you know what you’re getting. Spend some time up front educating yourself about the kind of jewelry you intend to buy. Acquaint yourself with the different shapes. Learn about the 4 C’s of Diamonds so you can make a more informed choice in selecting a stone.

Diamond Buying Guide: The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Deal only with reputable jewelers who are GIA certified to limit your chances of getting ripped off or being sold a second-rate product. Arming yourself with a little information is the best way to spare yourself and your fiancee (not to mention your wallet) some unnecessary grief.

She may never know the effort you put into making sure her gift was the very best; but isn’t she worth it?

Step 2: Finding a Ring

First, here’s a word from one of our favorite jewelry blogs on the pros of letting your bride-to-be share the mission of ring finding. If you find the process overwhelming, consider this option as your best bet – call it a “win-win.”

Gemvara Blog: Making a Case for “Advised Adam”

If, however, you decide to go solo, here are some important things to consider when going shopping. For instance, how the shape of your girl’s hands should influence your buying choice (bet you didn’t think of that one!) Seriously though, there are some details that can help make your decision easier. Knowing what kind of jewelry she already likes makes a huge difference.

  • Does her taste run to sleek and modern, or is she more old-fashioned?
  • Is she the type to be embarrassed by a big, showy ring?
  • Is she a free-spirit who would love a striking, one-of-a-kind ring, or would she prefer something more traditional?
  • What kind of jewelry is suitable for her to wear at work?

Asking yourself some of the these questions will narrow down your list and make shopping a lot simpler. If you’re not sure, opt for an accomplice: one of her best friends or close family would be all to glad to participate.

About.com: Engagement Ring Advice for Guys

And some clever ideas to help you find the right ring size:

Gemvara: Sly Guy

Did you know…

  • It takes an average of 3 months for a groom to find an engagement ring.
  • The average size of an engagement ring diamond is 1 carat.
  • 73% of engagement rings are made from white gold, making it the most popular choice of metal.
  • The most popular stone shapes are round and princess.
  • Last year, around 77% of grooms proposed on bended knee.

2011 Engagement & Jewelry Statistics

Step 2: Make it personal

You’ve finally picked out the perfect ring. Why not make it extra-special with an engraved message? A simple, heartfelt line is the ultimate romantic touch – an unexpected gesture that’s almost certain to take her by surprise. A little lost for words? Don’t worry; grab inspiration from our list of favorite ring engraving ideas:

Most Romantic Ring Inscriptions

Step 3: The big moment

Don’t forget, you can’t give her the ring until you ask her! Sure, you could just have it gift-wrapped and hand it to her. But after all the trouble of shopping for the right piece, why not go the next step and make popping the question an event to remember?

Here are some tips for the all-important proposal, and some creative ways to take her breath away with your hard-won engagement ring:

Faye’s Diamond Mine: Most Creative Proposals

We’ll leave you by saying just relax – you’ve got this. If you get confused along the way, just remember that it’s more than a gorgeous ring or a romantic proposal that makes true love. The time and effort you put into making her feel adored and precious is the reason she loves you, whether you have $100 or $100,000 to spend. That beautiful stone is just the symbol of what you promise to share together forever.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

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