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Celebrity Engagement RingsLast year’s celebrity engagements made the spotlight with some of the most memorable and trend-setting jewelry in recent years. And this year has been no disappointment, either! From Princess Kate’s royal sapphire to Angelina Jolie’s long-awaited diamond, there’s plenty of new Hollywood inspiration for the bride-to-be.

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Some things never change about the best engagement jewelry; whether it’s big or small, it’s always the personal meaning behind the ring that counts the most. And there’s definitely a growing trend toward the re-use of classic vintage styles – like pave and halo settings and antique stones – that just seem to shout “Romance!” These retro-inspired, nostalgic fashions are a breathtaking expression of timeless love.

At the same time, we’re also seeing a wider range in the color and cut of the stones than ever before – particularly diamonds. Here are some examples of famous couples who reflected their romance in their choice of jewelry, and how today’s trends are combining “something old” with “something new” in a classy and sophisticated way.

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