The wedding month is here!

Bride and groom signing the book

Everybody knows that June is the most popular month for weddings. So for all you June brides out there (or hopeful ones!) we’re digging into our archives for all things bridal. (Be sure to check out our Bridal category for plenty of related posts!) We’ll be offering plenty of helpful jewelry tips and some interesting wedding-related facts.

For starters, why exactly is June such a popular month for weddings?

There are several reasons:

  • June was the sacred month of Juno, the goddess of marriage. In ancient Rome (where many of our traditions originate) it was considered a very auspicious month for a wedding.

  • In Celtic traditions, sweethearts would start courtship on May Day (May 1) and tie the knot on Lammas Day (August 1). But the wait was too long for many, so the June wedding became the trend. (Many ancient traditions forbade marriage in May, so June was the next best bet.)

  • In the old days, if a new bride conceived quickly, she would still be able to work during harvest time, and be recovered in time for the next year’s harvest.

  • In medieval Europe, when cleanliness wasn’t exactly up to today’s standards, there was such a thing as an “annual bath” around the time of spring festivities (usually in May). It made complete sense to plan the wedding shortly thereafter, when bride and groom – and lots of guests – were at their best.

  • Our pick? June is the prettiest month for a wedding! Over time, it’s likely that ancient lifestyles and superstitions gave way to more romantic traditions associated with the pleasant weather and flowering landscapes of late spring.

These days, August is the second most popular month for weddings. But if you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, don’t fret – you have plenty of time to get your wedding jewelry sorted out! Stop by Faye’s and let us show you the many fantastic choices and great services we offer as part of our Full Bridal Center.