The weirdest diamond fact you’ll ever read

FYI: If you swallow a diamond, it probably won’t show up on an x-ray.

Jewelry X-RayHow do we know? (No, we haven’t tried it.) But a jewel thief in Canada did.

Richard Matthews swiped a 1.7 carat diamond from a jewelry store in Ontario last week, putting an artificial one in its place and popping the $20,000 “pill” for safekeeping.

The store’s surveillance cameras caught the act, and later police x-rays also revealed a pair of cubic zirconiums adorning his internal scans. These lower-quality stones appeared on the images, while the exquisite facets of a fine diamond reflect the rays, making it almost impossible to detect.

By the way – authorities are holding the thief in an observation cell, until the gems are recovered.

BBC News: Canada man ‘swallowed $20,000 diamond’