Beau Sancy Diamond sells for nearly $10 million

The pear-shaped, double-rose cut diamond weighing 35 carats is one of the world’s oldest and most famous cut diamonds. For centuries it has been passed down through the royal families of Europe, including some of the most famous (and infamous!) historical characters.

Beau Sancy Diamond
Image: MSNBC: ‘Legendary’ Beau Sancy diamond sells for $9.57 million at Sotheby’s auction

If gemstones could talk, the Beau Sancy would describe its exotic origins in the Golconda mines of 16th century India – one of the richest gem deposits in the world. Its tale would trace through four centuries of royal coronations, weddings, wars and revolutions.

The anonymous buyer took home the prize from a Sotheby auction in Geneva, Switzerland, for nearly double the reserve estimate. It may be the first time in almost half a millennium that the historic stone has passed out of the hands of royalty.