7 Ideas for Mother’s Day Jewelry

  1. Know Mom’s Birthstone! Beautiful gemstone jewelry is easy to find. (Not sure? It’s easy if you know her birthday: Birthstone Chart). Or chose a gemstone piece in that color she’s crazy about.

  2. Is she an animal lover or a sports fan? There are plenty of easy and elegant choices for theme jewelry.

  3. Start a jewelry tradition, something that you can add to every Mother’s Day. Example: A string of exotic colored pearls, one at a time – or a keepsake chain/bracelet with charms to mark important memories.

  4. Help Mom clean out her jewelry box. Take old pieces she won’t wear anymore and have them re-designed into a special keepsake.

  5. Surprise her by having an old favorite piece cleaned and repaired.

  6. Don’t forget expectant and new mothers – celebrate their new joy with specially-designed jewelry like BabyFeet.

  7. You can’t go wrong with diamonds. They’re timeless and classic, easy to care for, and blend with any fashion. Think outside the box and go for something special and one-of-kind, just like she is. Instead of more traditional diamonds, why not try something exotic like a fancy colored diamond? Buy the stone and let her find the setting of her choice.

Still need some help finding the right gift for Mom? We’re happy to offer our assistance. Drop by or give us a call!