Rare “Mirror Diamonds” Up for Sale

A rare Mughal-era necklace containing nearly 100 carats of fine Indian diamonds is reportedly up for auction soon. According to the Israeli Diamond Industry:

“The 28-carat central stone of the necklace is thought to be the largest table-cut, or mirror, polished diamond in existence, and the five stones combined may very well be the largest set of table-cuts in the world.”

The emperors of India’s Mughal kingdom – one of the richest the world has ever seen – were responsible for many of the world’s greatest jewel treasures. Starting in the 1500’s, they exploited the gem wealth of India’s greatest mines, such as the Golconda Mines, where these polished diamonds may have originated.

Mirror Diamonds

Table-cut diamonds have a large central facet that magnifies the light entering the stone, making them some of the most pristine. Today, original mirror diamonds are scarce, since many large stones have been cut down over the years, and newer technologies have made the style less common. The piece is expected to bring around $20 million.


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