Birthstone of the Month: April

What luck to have the diamond for a birthstone! The ultimate symbol of romance and luxury, it stands for brilliance, endurance, and eternal love.

Diamonds are the hardest substances known to man. On earth, they are formed in environments of extreme heat and pressure deep beneath the surface, and brought to the surface through volcanic activity. Diamonds are also created in the hearts of stars – in fact, the largest known diamond is 50 light years away in the 2,500 mile wide core of a white dwarf. That’s 10 billion trillion trillion carats!

DiamondsThe world’s diamond hotspots include South Africa, Australia, and Siberia. Murfreesboro State Park right here in Arkansas lays claim to the only diamond mine in the US.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but it was not until the development of cutting technology in the 16th century that they became popular in jewelry. For most of their history, fine diamonds were part of royal treasuries. In fact, many can trace their pedigrees back to larger stones once owned by kings and empresses.

These days, owning such a precious stone is within nearly everyone’s reach. Whether it’s an heirloom wedding ring or a show-stopping designer piece, diamonds are always in style. Colored diamonds – the result of fluctuations in mineral content or crystal structure – are rapidly growing in popularity.

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