“Spring Cleaning” for Jewelry

Spring CleaningSpring is just around the corner! Sunshine, breezy days, and color starting to reappear all around us as flowers begin to bloom. If you’re eager (or maybe not so eager!) to roll up your sleeves for a bit of spring cleaning, we think it’s important not to leave out your jewelry box.

Here are a few things you can do to “spring” some life into your collection and make sure it’s in tip-top shape for the new fashion season.

  1. Jewelry cleaning

    All jewelry needs periodic cleaning to look its best – but a little attention is about more than just sparkle. Dirt, oils, minerals from water, and household chemicals all take their toll on fine metals, gemstones and pearls. To prevent damage from corrosion, tarnish, and oxidation, it’s important to give them a routine cleaning.

    Cleaning jewelrySome jewelry can be cleaned with simple soap and water; but if you’re not sure which methods are safe to use on different materials, feel free to ask our recommendations – or bring in your fine pieces for a professional cleaning treatment.

    (Check out our website for a quick guide to gemstone cleaning…)

  2. “Casualties of wear”

    Be honest – how many pieces of jewelry do you own that you don’t wear because they’re broken, damaged, or missing parts? Most of us have a neglected stash of snapped chains, earrings with a lost attachment, Scrap jewelryor rings that are out of commission because of a chipped gemstone or broken prong.

    Spring is a great time to gather up your forgotten bling and decide which pieces are keepers and which are not. If it’s an heirloom, or a valuable piece you’re not ready to part with, take the opportunity to bring it in for a professional repair. With a little investment you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much enjoyment you would have missed by letting it languish in the jewelry box another year!

  3. Jewelry facelift

    Do you have a piece with real value, but just not your style? We can rebuild it by using the same materials in a custom-designed piece. Transform a bulky cocktail ring into a stunning gemstone pendant, or swap settings on a worn-out pair of earrings. Our award-winning staff of designers and craftsmen can help you find the dream jewelry you didn’t know you had!

  4. Time to cash in

    If you’re ready to part ways with a few items from your jewelry box, get the most out of them by turning them in for cash at our store. We buy almost anything gold, silver, or platinum Cash for goldand can recycle/refashion old or broken precious stones.

    You can also trade-in your unwanted pieces for an extended credit toward the purchase of anything in our store. What better excuse to give your jewelry box and all-new spring wardrobe?

  5. A note on style

    Here are a few hints on which pieces you might consider highlighting for your new spring look:

    • Some styles are always in fashion: simple, classic, elegant jewelry like diamond studs and pearls are both timeless and easy to maintain.

    • This year’s fashion keywords are “Light,” “Bright,” and “Vintage.” Bring in spring with a splash of sparkly pastel colored gemstones – especially blues, pinks, and yellows – mix and match for a sunny effect.

    • Unearth those old family pieces overdue for a little jewelry TLC Gemvara styleand make a statement with the “old is new” antique look.

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