Australia’s largest rough pink diamond unearthed

Pink diamond

BBC News: An Australian mining company says it has found a 12.76-carat pink diamond, the largest rough pink diamond found in the country

This fantastic gem find was discovered in Australia’s East Kimberly region – an area with the world’s largest concentration of rare pink diamonds. The stone, named the “Argyle Pink Jubilee,” is set for a world tour before going up at auction later this year.

Jennifer-Lopez-Pink-DiamondThe largest pink diamond ever found is the Darya-ye Noor, a treasure of the Mughal kingdom of India. This stone originally weighed 242 carats.

Pink diamonds are believed to get their color from extreme pressures that distort the lattice structure of their molecules during formation.

While they are one of the rarest fancy color diamonds, they have enjoyed a surge in popularity since Jennifer Lopez made the news with her 6 1/2 carat pink diamond engagement ring in 2002.