‘Stolen’ $9m jewels found in drawer

BBC NEWS: Five years after their disappearance, jewels thought stolen from the wife of the US ambassador to the Netherlands in 2006 have been found in the Hague

The wife of former US ambassador and billionaire Roland Arnall assumed her jewelry travel kit worth nearly $10 million was gone forever after realizing she had lost it during a stay in the Netherlands. She filed with her insurance company when she returned to the US. Now, six years later, they have resurfaced after a Dutch hotel employee turned them in to the police upon discovering they weren’t costume jewelry.

JewelryApparently, Mrs. Arnall had left them at a hotel during her stay, and forgot them there. The cleaning woman who found them brought them to the front desk, but when no one turned up to the lost and found to claim their “costume jewelry,” investigators said she could take them home. They lay forgotten all this time until she decided to see if they were worth anything – when to her shock when she was informed that the gems were real!

The jewels have been given to police custody and are now back in the US. No word on what the insurance company will say (or whether the Dutch woman will claim a reward).

The moral of this story: Travel light – even if you’re an ambassador’s wife.