Jewelry Trivia: Movies

Here are a few fascinating fast facts about some famous Hollywood jewelry.

The record for the most expensive piece of jewelry designed for a movie was Nicole Kidman’s million-dollar diamond and platinum necklace, “Satine,” created by Stefano Canturi for the film Moulin Rouge. It contains over 134 carats of diamonds.

Moulin Rouge Diamond Necklace
Image: Forbes Magazine “Diamonds are More than a Girl’s Best Friend

Film legend Marlene Dietrich was a famous connoisseur of fine jewelry who often wore her own pieces during filming. Some credit her with introducing bling to the silver screen. Once, she accidentally lost an 37.4 carat emerald ring while cooking, only to find it baked inside a cake!

Marlene Dietrich Jewelry

According to custom, actresses have been wearing borrowed jewelry at the Academy Awards ever since Jennifer Jones wore designer Harry Winston’s diamonds at the 1944 ceremony, where she accepted Best Actress for her role in The Song of Bernadette.

Jennifer Jones
Image: The Academy: 1944 Nominees and Winners

In the blockbuster trilogy The Lord of the Rings, the model for the “One Ring” was the wedding ring of co-producer Rick Porras.

Lord of the Rings

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous love affair with the world’s finest jewels was not without moments of angst. She once lost her priceless Spanish pearl “La Peregrina” until it was eventually discovered in her dog’s mouth!

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Taylor Peregrina Pearl