Choosing the best type of earrings

Well-chosen jewelry – like makeup or a hairstyle – can help you play up your best features and give you a more balanced look. Find the best style of earrings to match your face shape!

    ijo drop earrings

  • Round face – Long and sleek is your look. Adding length will help your face look more balanced. Avoid wide, round styles such as hoops and try long drop earrings instead.
  • ijo chandelier earrings

  • Heart – If you have a wide forehead and cheeks and a narrow chin, the right earrings can add width to your jaw line. Try shapes that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom (i.e. teardrops, triangles, and chandeliers). Avoid tapered earrings.
  • ijo hoop earrings

  • Square – Sharp or boxy earrings will accentuate a strong jaw line and well-defined facial structure. Opt instead for studs, hoops, or multi-tiered earrings that will soften your natural angles.
  • ijo gem earrings

  • Rectangular/oblong – The long and the short of it? Long earrings tend to make a long face look longer. Try studs, small hoops and teardrops – any short or chunky styles that will help add width to your face.
  • drop earrings

  • Oval – this is the ideal face shape and you can wear almost any style of earrings to accent your well-balanced features. Pearls, teardrops, and other shapes with soft contours will complement you best.
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