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Cookies, Punch & Diamonds!

We enjoyed sharing our recent custom design center event with a great group of special guests!

Our talented master jeweler & bench craftsman Mark Lutz joined our gals answering lots of questions ranging from simple jewelry repair & maintenance, to creative brainstorming on beautiful & unique designs, plus a “behind-the-scenes” look at the making of some of our award-winning creations. Some amazing jewelry renovations walked away with some extra special sparkle!

Want to embark on your own custom design journey? Our expert team is available to help you get started! Use our fast, easy questionnaire to begin or call us for an appointment at 501-745-8434.

AJA 2016 Craftsmanship Award Winner!

We are honored to announce that a one-of-a-kind jewelry design from Faye’s has just received the Arkansas Jewelers Association’s 2016 Craftsmanship Award at the state convention in Little Rock on Saturday, Aug. 6!

The award-winner, a mother-of-pearl cross set with a round brilliant diamond in a gold bezel, and hand-finished yellow gold flames, was designed by Faye Rodgers and intricately fashioned by our very own master jeweler, Mark Lutz. We are very proud of his outstanding work and the talent he brings to our store in the fields of jewelry craftsmanship, design & repair.

Arkansas Jeweler's Association 2016 Craftsmanship Award | Bench Jeweler Mark Lutz & designer Faye Rodgers

Arkansas Jeweler’s Association 2016 Craftsmanship Award | Bench Jeweler Mark Lutz & designer Faye Rodgers

Behind the Scenes: Start to Finish

From design sketch to jeweler’s bench to finished masterpiece

You’re invited!

Don’t forget – this month (Thurs. Aug. 25) we’re having a special in-store event to introduce our new custom design center! Meet the award-winning designers on our staff and chat about jewelry design, the art & science of bench work, and creative ways of re-purposing your jewelry into something new and unique!

Call us at 501-745-8434 about repairing or restyling jewelry of your own or Check out our quick design questionnaire here!

August Birthstones

Just announced…

August has a NEW birthstone!
Famous in crown jewels. Prized for stunning, vivid colors & impeccable crystals. From a ruby red, to a shimmer like a black diamond – thanks to trace minerals, it’s naturally available in every color of the rainbow. SPINEL (pronounced “spin-ELL”) is the now on the birthstone calendar! August just got a lot more colorful.

A rainbow of spinel.

A rainbow of spinel.

Read more on the Gem Encyclopedia…

Faye's Diamond Mine Estate Sale 2012

Peridot bracelet, part of the set owned by Liz Taylor

Peridot is a precious mineral with a unique transparency and a refreshing green color that ranges from a rich olive to brilliant chartreuse. It has a long history of being confused with green gems such as topaz. In ancient times, high-quality peridots were often mistaken for emeralds – in fact today they are sometimes called “evening emeralds,” because their color appears so much richer in dim light.

Image: Legend Diamond

Peridots are found in southeast Asia, parts of Africa, Australia, and the American Southwest. A barren volcanic island in the Red Sea called Zabargad has long been acknowledged as the world’s premier peridot hotspot. The peridots of Hawaii were traditionally known as the “tears of Pele,” the fire goddess – a nod to their volcanic source. Some have even been found in the remains of meteorites.

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Save the Date! Aug. 25

Faye's Diamond Mine Custom Design Center Clinton AR  event Aug 25

Mark Your Calendars!

You’re invited to the grand opening of our in-store Custom Design Center! We’re very excited to share the endless creative possibilities of redesigning your precious jewelry into new heirlooms, or working with our team at the drawing table to come up with the design you’ve always wished for.

  • On-location service, convenient & local
  • Master jeweler for on-site craftsmanship & repair
  • Award-winning, friendly design team

We can’t wait to give you the tour! Call us anytime about your jewelry repair or design projects at 501-745-8434.

July Birthstone: Ruby

carmen_lucia_ruby_smithsonianJuly’s birthstone, the fiery ruby, is named from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red. Exceeded only by the diamond in hardness, it’s a form of the mineral corundum, and therefore the sister gem of sapphires. While most corundums are blue, only the red kind earn the title of ruby, rarest of gems. Their vivid color comes from trace amounts of chromium – but that’s a mediocre explanation for a stone that has inspired centuries of fascination.

Photo: The “Carmen Lucia Ruby” is one of the finest and largest rubies known to man, at just over 23 carats (Smithsonian Museum of Natural History)

Perhaps the most brilliant of gemstones, its luminous color spawned legends of gods and kings who lit their palaces with enormous rubies. Above all, rubies symbolize passion, and they were once the most popular wedding gem. They are believed to promote good circulation, stop bleeding, protect the heart and promote vitality; warn against trouble by darkening in color; and win the wearer devoted love.

Most rubies come from South & East Asia. In these regions, it is widely believed that sapphires are “unripe” rubies, and if planted underground, they will turn red. Strangely enough, large deposits of rubies have been discovered under Greenland’s receding ice shelf – as if the fiery gemstone itself is melting the glacier from beneath!


GIA (Gemological Institute of America) – Fascinating & authoritative mini-site about the rarest precious gem

Looking after your ruby

Despite their durability, nearly all rubies are given brief heat treatments to enhance their quality, since they contain many small inclusions. On rare occasions, these imperfections align in such a way that they create spectacular light effects within the gem.

If you are the privileged owner of a piece of ruby jewelry, count yourself lucky – they’re not only a rare and striking treasure, but easy to care for. As with all precious gems, avoid sharp blows and store in a safe place away from extremes. Remember that rubies can scratch other softer gems. Clean ruby jewelry periodically with gentle soapy water to keep it at its brilliant best.

Recently, growing controversy over lead-filled rubies has taken center stage among consumers. In this form of enhancement, superheated lead-based filler is forced into a ruby’s internal crevices, cooling to a glass-like substance that boosts clarity above and beyond the ordinary heat polishing. The result is a much more fragile state than the usually durable red corundum. This can prove disastrous when information about this kind of treatment is not properly disclosed, and the owner (or bench jeweler) unwittingly subjects the gem to routine maintenance that can cause it to shatter.

A trained jewelry can determine whether your ruby has been enhanced by fracture-filling. These will require much more delicate handling, similar to many softer gemstones. Because fracture-filled rubies are natural rubies, they are sold as genuine stones and even set in estate jewelry, but often the documentation about their treatment gets lost along the way. When buying a ruby it’s important to ask about its condition, and if possible have it examined or appraised by a GIA qualified jeweler. Ideally, this is the best source to buy a precious gem, because a certified retailer will have the expertise and credentials to ensure the finest quality for the price and 100% disclosure backed by the highest industry standards. July Birthstone RUBY

The Ruby Ruse: How to Avoid Lead Glass Filled Rubies

Rubies on your wish list?

200-01332 RubyCheck out our favorites – build your wish list online! Ruby pendants, earrings, custom-designed jewelry, and awesome deals like this stackable ruby & diamond ring. Fun fashion or even a wedding/anniversary ring.

See for more.

Faye’s Diamond Mine: July on Pinterest

Faye's Diamond Mine Pinterest - July Ruby

REPAIR SALE Starting July 5!

Faye's Diamond Mine Repair Sale

Need maintenance on your jewelry? This is a great time to resize that ring that doesn’t fit, have your prongs checked & retipped, or let us fix your broken chains. Fast, professional in-house jewelry repair at Faye’s Diamond Mine in Clinton! Call us at 501-745-8434 or stop by for a free evaluation & price quote.

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